Switching diodes
Switching diodes

Switching Diodes

Switching diodes are a single p-n diode in a discrete package. A switching diode provides the same functionality as a switch. It has high resistance below the specified applied voltage similar to an open switch, whereas above that voltage it changes in a sudden way to the low resistance of a closed switch. Switching diodes are used in devices such as ring modulation.
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Switching Diodes

Package(mm) VRM(V)
20 40 80 90
SOD-723 1SS400G
SOD-523 1SS400
1SS387 (85V)
BAS516 (75V)
SOD-323 1SS380 1SS355
SOD-123 CDSNC4148 (100V)
SOT-523 WAN222T (DAN222)
WAP222T (DAP222)
SOT-323 WA204U (DA204U) WAN202U (DAN202U)
WAP202U (DAP202U)WAN217U (DAN217U)WA228U (DA228U)
SOT-23 WA204K (DA204K) WAN202K (DAN202K)
WAP202K (DAP202K)
WAN217 (DAN217)
WA228K (DA228K)
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